Online reservation

  • All data you submit during the reservation process is secure. Any details referring to your personal data are encrypted and transferred directly to the booking system of NADEJDA HOTEL. They are not stored in public Internet domains. We guarantee that your data will be used only for the purposes of making your reservation.
  • We offer different bundles including various services and discounts. In order to get the best price, you have to specify your exact preferences at the next step!
  • You are required to secure your reservation by paying a deposit in the amount of one-night stay at our hotel at the rate valid for your reservation.
  • The payment for the room is made at the hotel after your check-in. Our system does not withdraw money in advance from your credit / debit card, but supplies information about it to an authorised person from the hotel administration as a guarantee in the event of no-show. By making your reservation, you explicitly agree to adhere to these rules.
  • The hotel will verify the availability of the required funds in your card and if the balance is insufficient, your reservation may be cancelled without notice.
  • Free cancellation of your reservation is possible up to 1 day before your arrival date. After your reservation is accepted, you will get a cancellation PIN code and a link which you can use to cancel the reservation from the email address you specified. If you fail to cancel on time or if you try to cancel an offer which is marked as non-refundable, the hotel reserves its right to retain the security deposit.
  • Check-in after 12.00 o’clock (noon)
  • Check-out by 11.30 a.m. on the day of your departure
  • You must pay for the room right after check-in
  • Cancellation login (you need the number of the reservation and the cancellation PIN code)

Thank you for choosing our hotel!